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Picking an ideal wedding venue isn't a decision which is to be taken lightly. The right venue creates the right atmosphere for your wedding. It's a decision which needs to be made early so you can reserve a popular date. Before booking a venue, you need to consider the type of the venue, such as restaurants, hotels, golf courses, wedding halls, churches, public venues or wedding cruises. Numbers of guests affects the type of venue. Other factors include venue associated catering, parking, lighting, decoration restrictions, setup or clean up fees, overtime charge and your budget for the venue. Choosing a gorgeous wedding venue in New York City isn't difficult. Talk to your friends or read a few reviews you can easily find your perfect place.
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1896 Summer House   This extraordinary country estate has been attracting ​extraordinary people for over 100 years. 2.5 hours from Manhattan.​​ Take your vows streamside, in our rustic gazebo or our extraordinary Winter Garden. Your reception is in the restored barn, or under the stars on our 23 acre estate.  845.254.5010  Email:  123 Birch Creek Rd  Pine Hill  New York  12465
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